4 Ways To Get Healthier Hair That Looks Stunning


Having healthy, flawless hair can make you feel confident and happier with your appearance. If your hair is slightly damaged and excessively dry, you could be making some mistakes that are damaging your hair even further and taking away from its beautiful appearance. Despite the current condition of your hair, there are different ways to make it look better and to improve the integrity of those strands while preventing any extra damage.

23 July 2018

Why Do You Need To Be So Careful After A Facial?


Proper skin care after a harsh skin treatment, such as one that involves peeling, is a given. You've just put your skin through some tough times, and now, it needs to rest. But even when you have a soothing, gentle facial, you're typically told to take it easy anyway. Why is that? Your Skin Is Still Sensitive Even if you didn't do anything really rough to your skin, you've still exposed it to heat, steam, and possibly a few extraction tools.

29 January 2018