The Benefits Of Vitamin C IV Drip Therapy


IV drip therapy has become increasingly common over the past few years. This treatment involves having a solution of saline and various nutrients dripped into your veins through a small needle. There are many different IV drip treatments you can opt for with different blends of nutrients. One common option, however, is IV drip therapy with vitamin C. These are some of the benefits of an IV drip with vitamin C.

16 July 2020

Taking Time To Relax And Look Great At A Med Spa


Most people know what a spa day involves, but med spas or medical spas are becoming popular as an alternative to the standard spa that people used to visit. There are some differences in these two types of spas, and you might be surprised at the similarities that exist as well.  Taking a Spa Day Everyone needs a day away sometimes to relax and have someone pamper them, and the typical spa will do just that.

17 April 2020