Taking Time To Relax And Look Great At A Med Spa


Most people know what a spa day involves, but med spas or medical spas are becoming popular as an alternative to the standard spa that people used to visit. There are some differences in these two types of spas, and you might be surprised at the similarities that exist as well. 

Taking a Spa Day

Everyone needs a day away sometimes to relax and have someone pamper them, and the typical spa will do just that. Messages, skin treatments and facial treatments are all pretty standard services at the spa. But what if you want something more than that from your day out? Then a med spa might be a good option for you.

Med spas offer a lot of the same services, but many of them also have a physician on staff that can oversee treatments like botox injections, collagen fillers, and even some forms of liposuction while you are at the spa. These are considered medical procedures, so the spa needs to be recognized as a clinic or medical facility, but with a doctor in the building, they can offer a lot of cosmetic procedures that would typically be out-patient procedures at your doctor's office. 

Elective Procedures

All of the procedures the spa offers are electives, so you more than likely are not going to get your insurance to cover them. The cost of the spa and treatments can be costly, but many times, the same procedures would not be covered in a doctor's office, so paying for it out of your pocket is a lot more attractive when you can get the other spa services while you are there. 

Remember that because the spa is a clinic with a doctor, you may need to have a consultation before you can have the procedures that you want. If that is the case, you may want to look for a spa that you can visit for a few days so you can have the consultation on the first day and have the procedure before you leave. 

Treat Your Trip Like a Medical Visit

When you go to a med spa, take all the information about your health with you. Remember that these procedures are medical procedures, and it is essential that the doctor has this information. Because this is not your regular doctor, they may not be able to get the information quickly, so if you do not have your medical history or allergy information, the doctor at the spa may not want to perform the procedure for you.


17 April 2020

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