3 Things You Can Do To Prepare For Your Color Appointment


Using hair color to alter your appearance allows you to experiment with different looks and styles. While you stylist is prepared to provide you with excellent service during your upcoming color appointment, there are some simple things that you can do before you arrive at the salon to ensure your appointment goes smoothly.

Here are three things to do prior to having your hair colored to ensure you get the best results possible.

1. Clarify your hair.

If you regularly style your hair, then it's likely your strands have a buildup of product and chemicals on their exterior. This buildup can act as a barrier between the color your stylist applies to your hair and the interior of your hair shafts.

When color molecules cannot penetrate the hair shaft properly due to buildup, then you color will not last as long or look as vibrant as it could. By using a clarifying shampoo to eliminate any buildup on your hair's surface prior to your color appointment, you ensure that your color service will last.

2. Invest in a protein treatment.

Subjecting your hair to a color appointment means that your locks will come into contact with the chemicals used to create hair colors. These chemicals have the potential to damage unhealthy hair, so ensuring your tresses are at their healthiest prior to scheduling a color appointment can be beneficial in allowing you to get the results you desire.

Investing in a protein treatment for your hair prior to coloring it can be a great way to repair any damage and boost your hair's health. Added protein can fill any gaps in the cuticle of each hair strand, allowing your hair to regain the structural integrity needed to withstand chemical coloring.

3. Deep condition your hair.

If you notice that your hair seems dry or brittle prior to your color appointment, it can be beneficial to invest in a deep conditioning treatment. It's not uncommon for hair that is exposed to heat during styling and adverse environmental conditions during the day to lose some of its moisture.

Your hair's ends are especially susceptible to dryness, and this dryness could cause the color your stylist applies to absorb into your hair follicle unevenly. To prevent a spotty color job, moisture your hair with a deep conditioner prior to scheduling your color appointment.

Taking the time to prepare your hair for a color treatment will ensure that your stylist is able to give you the results you desire.


11 November 2016

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