Enjoying A Spa Party With Friends


If you are looking for an interesting way to celebrate a special event, such as an engagement, a birthday, or a retirement, you may want to consider gathering several friends for a spa party at a local spa facility. A spa excursion will sure to be a hit with all who are invited. Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your spa party to make the date memorable. 

Add Some Mystery To The Party

One fun way to host this type of event is by indicating the party will be held at a spa but without indicating what types of services will be offered. When guests get to the party, have them pick a piece of paper out of a bucket to tell them which type of relaxing activity they will be enjoying first. This way you can break a larger group up into smaller ones, allowing each group to enjoy several different types of relaxing events throughout the course of the party. This is also a fun way for friends to meet new people who are also enjoying a facial, massage, or skin rejuvenating session together.

Bring Along Treats To Enjoy With Others

Call the spa you are going to use for the party to find out if they offer any types of food or drinks for those who will be attending. If not, find out if they would mind if you brought along some of your own treats to share with guests. Most spas will have light fare such as cheese and crackers, fruit, juices, and wine for those who are spending time and money in their establishment.

Incorporate Some Games Into The Mix

Part of the fun of a spa party is socializing with others attending. To lighten the mood, consider having a few games to play as a group while enjoying a bit of pampering. Give clues about a product used in a spa to see who can guess what it is used for. Place a spa product in a bag and have guests touch it to see if they can determine what the item is without looking at it. Write a list of questions for each participant to answer and place them in a box. Each participant can pick a list and see if they can guess which guest had answered the questions.

Give Out Small Tokens Of Appreciation

When the party draws to a close, give each participant a small bag full of spa products that they can bring home. They will enjoy using skincare and bathing products to help remember the time they had spent with you and other guests. A gift certificate for a subsequent visit to the spa is also a nice addition to a gift bag.


16 December 2016

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