Tips For Caring For Your Newly Dyed Hair


A trip to the salon can be a great investment in your appearance. In particular, hair coloring is one of the more common services that individuals will go to a salon to get. However, if you do not take good care of your newly dyed hair, it may fade sooner than necessary; but some simple tips may allow you to preserve your hair's new color for as long as possible.

Delay Washing Your Hair

Delaying washing your hair after the dye has been applied can be one of the more effective ways of extending the life of the coloring. This is due to the fact that it will give the pigments more time to absorb into the hair. Typically, you will want to wait at least one or two days before you wash your hair following having it dyed.

To help you better control when your hair gets wet, you may want to buy a shower cap. These caps will cost a few dollars, but this can be a minor expense compared to ensuring that your hair's color stays vibrant for many weeks.

Only Use Sulphate Free Shampoo

When you have colored hair, you should be very careful with the shampoo that you use to clean your hair. In particular, you will want to avoid using shampoos that contain sulphates. If you use shampoo that contains these substances, colored hair will start to appear dull. Those that have blonde hair experience their hair turning brassy. These problems arise because the sulphates will leave deposits on the hair that will interfere with the color. Luckily, your salon will sell sulphate free shampoo, and you will want to use it for as long as your hair is colored.

Consider Using A Hot Oil Treatment

After several days, you may want to perform a hot oil treatment. These treatments will help to make your hair appear more vibrant and healthy. The color process will strip away much of the natural oils from the hair. In addition to making the hair appear unhealthy, it can also make the hair more brittle. This can be particularly applicable for those that have had their hair bleached.

Luckily, hot oil treatments are relatively easy to administer. Once the oil has been warmed, you will need to thoroughly apply it throughout the hair and allow it to rest on the hair for about half an hour. If you are uncomfortable with the thought of doing this treatment yourself, most salons can provide their clients with these treatments. While this may require an additional trip to the salon, it can ensure that the oil treatment is properly administered.


19 December 2016

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