Why Do You Need To Be So Careful After A Facial?


Proper skin care after a harsh skin treatment, such as one that involves peeling, is a given. You've just put your skin through some tough times, and now, it needs to rest. But even when you have a soothing, gentle facial, you're typically told to take it easy anyway. Why is that?

Your Skin Is Still Sensitive

Even if you didn't do anything really rough to your skin, you've still exposed it to heat, steam, and possibly a few extraction tools. Your skin might not look red, but your nerve endings and skin cells are definitely on alert. You want to avoid things like excessive heat and steam (so time that facial carefully if it's summertime), excessive sun exposure, and even slathering on sunscreen and makeup. The first few hours after the facial are the most critical, but for the next few days, you should still baby your skin.

Your Esthetician Had a Plan

Facials often include blackhead removal and other fixes for skin problems. Don't assume that your esthetician missed something, if you see a blemish. Chances are they did see it, or saw signs of new ones, and did not mess with them because of the potential for scarring. If you see blackheads or other blemishes, leave them alone. Let nature take its course; if they start looking really bad or won't go away, then you can call the esthetician to see what to do. You might have to see a dermatologist for really stubborn blemishes, though. However, those blemish problems can be solved.

Post-Facial Breakouts Are Waiting in the Wings

If you use harsh cleansers, sweat a lot, or apply facial scrubs after the spa facial, especially during the first couple of days after your appointment, you risk a post-facial breakout. It really seems like these things are just waiting for you to make the wrong move after your facial, but really, they're just a response to physical stimuli that are too harsh for your skin to take after the deep cleaning at the spa.

Your esthetician wants your skin to stay in great shape, so take a few minutes to talk about the things you can and can't do after the facial. As time goes on, you'll be able to use more products and do more things, like work out vigorously, but you need to know the proper timeline for adding those back in. Your esthetician will make sure you understand what you can do.

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29 January 2018

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