4 Ways To Get Healthier Hair That Looks Stunning


Having healthy, flawless hair can make you feel confident and happier with your appearance. If your hair is slightly damaged and excessively dry, you could be making some mistakes that are damaging your hair even further and taking away from its beautiful appearance. Despite the current condition of your hair, there are different ways to make it look better and to improve the integrity of those strands while preventing any extra damage.

Avoid Drugstore Shampoo and Conditioner

The shampoo and conditioning products sold at drugstores may seem ideal because they tend to smell good and are available at low prices. However, they contain tons of ingredients that can lead to a buildup of wax on the hair while causing dandruff and making your color fade if you have dyed your hair darker than your original color. Aside from these issues, the shampoo and conditioners at drugstores often contain sulfates that dry the hair out. It is better to buy the shampoo and conditioner you are going to use on your hair from the salon. If you are worried about the cost, simply look for options that are completely sulfate-free.

Start Using Hair Blow Drying Services

Different salons offer hair blow drying services where they will wash the hair then dry it and make it look presentable for you. Using the blow-drying service saves you time, but it may even protect your hair from excess damage. Because you will have your hair dried and styled, you may no longer need to use your straightening iron or curling iron as often, thus eliminating a lot of the heat you were once applying to your healthy strands. While heat does come from the blow dryer, the style achieved at the salon tends to last several days at a time, so you would not have to use hot tools on a daily basis.

Deep Condition Once a Week

Pamper yourself with a nice deep conditioning treatment at least once a week. You may purchase a deep conditioner from the salon or a beauty supply store, but you can even make your own deep conditioner. Some people like to mix various natural ingredients together, such as avocado, egg, and honey to make a powerful organic conditioner that strengthens strands and promotes hair growth.

Get Your Hair Trimmed Regularly

Even if you are trying to get your hair to grow longer, you should still have it trimmed at least once every two months. A trim will help you get rid of those ends that are splitting and starting to look damaged, which will leave your hair looking healthier.

Follow these four tips, and you will surely have healthier hair. When your hair is healthy, you are more likely to feel confident with the way you look because you know your hair looks stunning.


23 July 2018

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