Faqs Clients Have Before Their First Hair Braiding Appointment


There's nothing quite like having your hair professionally braided. You're left with a look that is easy to maintain, customized to your preferences, and timelessly stylish. However, as your first hair braiding appointment approaches, you may have a few questions. Here is what you need to know.

Will the braids hurt?

The braiding process can cause some mild discomfort as the stylist will need to pull your hair tight to ensure the braids stay in place. However, it should not be overly painful. Some patients are a little uncomfortable for a day or two after they get braids, too. Yet, this does not happen to everyone, and it's just a temporary side effect of your hair being pulled tight. Generally, stylists will send their clients home with some kind of cooling spray, which can be sprayed on your scalp if you're feeling uncomfortable. You should only have to use it a few times in the first couple of days after braiding.

How long will hair braiding take?

This depends on the length of your hair and how much hair you have on your head. Short hair can take anywhere between 4 and 6 hours to fully braid, and clients with longer hair could spend up to 8 hours in the chair. It's generally safe to just assume you'll spend all day at the salon on the day you have your hair braided.

How long will your braids last?

Most clients can keep their hair in braids for about 3 months before the hair needs to be taken out and re-braided. However, the braids will need to be maintained about every 2 weeks. During a maintenance appointment, the stylist will weave any of your new hair growth into the existing braids. When the braids start looking fuzzy, you know they need to be removed. At that point, you can choose whether or not you want to have the hair re-braided again.

Can you get extensions added with your braids?

Most salons that braid hair offer this service, and it is a common option among clients with shorter hair. You can have extensions of practically any length added in, and they should look very natural. Just keep in mind that the longer the extensions you choose, the longer your braiding will take.

Hopefully, this article has answered some of your questions about braiding. If you have any more specific questions about hair braiding, reach out to a salon.


17 February 2021

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