A Hair Coloring Professional Can Transform Your Gray Hair With Permanent Or Semi-Permanent Color


If you're just starting to go gray or if your hair has been gray a long time and you're ready for a change, you might want to see a hair coloring professional. You may want to hide your gray hair or you just might want a fresh look. Either way, coloring your hair can help no matter what your age. Here are things to know about coloring gray hair.

Gray Hair Can Be Difficult To Dye

It can take gray hair longer to take dye, so you might be at the salon longer. Since gray hair is more difficult to color, consider going to a beauty salon rather than coloring your hair at home, especially when you're dying your hair for the first time. If you're older, your hair has probably changed too. The texture of your hair may be different once you've gone gray, and coloring your hair may be more challenging to do at home.

You May Need Help With The Color Choice

Another reason to go to a hair coloring salon is so you can get help to select the best color. Gray hair isn't the same on everyone. You might have salt and pepper hair, dark gray strands, or mostly silver or white hair. Each has to be treated differently. Lighter colors may not work on gray hair unless you just have a few streaks and want to highlight your hair to blend the gray in. A colorist can help you choose the best color shade based on your complexion and natural hair color.

Consider Starting With Semi-Permanent Color

Permanent hair color may dye hair the best, but it's a big commitment since keeping up with roots takes constant care. Semi-permanent color fades away gradually so you're not left with dark hair and white roots to deal with. Plus, when you choose semi-permanent color, you can change shades until you find something you like. Permanent color is more of a commitment, but you may still want to consider it based on advice from your colorist.

You Might Want A Coloring Glaze

Since gray hair can look washed out and dull, you might want to try a coloring glaze or gloss. In addition to having semi-permanent hair coloring, these products also coat your hair to give it a lustrous shine. If you miss your shiny, thick, younger hair, a coloring glaze can bring back some of that youthful shine. However, the effects are temporary.

Going from gray to brown or red can transform your appearance. Whether the results are permanent or temporary, changing your hair color can be fun and a nice break from living with dull gray hair.


2 July 2021

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