A Facial Is Often Best Reserved For After Vacation


When the weather warms, many people use this change as a sign that it is time to head out of town on vacation. If you fall into this category, as part of your pre-vacation prep, it is often a good idea to skip the facial. It is a good idea to have a facial scheduled for after your return home. Learn why a post-vacation facial is often the better option.

Hormones and Skin Reactions

The hormones the body produces are responsible for many physical functions and processes. Yet, you may not be aware of just how important a role they play in the body's response to external factors. Particularly for women, their skin can be increasingly sensitive during certain times of the month. 

If the skin is more vulnerable due to elevated hormone levels, the sensitivity could lead to irritation and redness, which is the last thing you want to deal with while on vacation. Until you learn about your skin and your hormonal cycle, it may be best to wait until your vacation is over before performing a treatment. 

Extra Time in the Sun

People often spend extra time in the sun while on vacation, whether on the beach or sitting poolside. Facials typically involve a deep cleaning process, leaving the skin more vulnerable to penetration from UV rays. 

This short-term, increased penetration from the UV rays will not necessarily damage or harm the skin, but it can shorten the beautifying and healing impact the facial has had. Go ahead and enjoy your time outside on your trip, and then return home to have this beauty treatment performed when you are prepared to limit sun exposure for a few days. 

Post Vacation Gunk

Vacations are often busy, so adherence to a skincare regimen is not always possible. Combine this factor with the layers of makeup and sunscreen that you will probably pile on your face each day, and the result is clogged, dirty pores. 

There is little benefit in having your pores deep cleaned, only to dirty them back up while you are away when you think about it. A post-vacation facial allows for a reset that can remove all this gunk and sets your skin back on a healthier path. 

Whether your facial surrounds vacation plans or not, it is always important to do your research and partner with a skilled skincare professional. Do your research to find the ideal match for your needs.  

Contact a center that offers facials for more info. 


18 May 2022

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