Spa Skin Treatments That Can Give You Glowing And Refreshed Skin


If you're unhappy with your skin tone, texture, or appearance in general, you might be interested in a spa skin treatment. There are several treatments to choose from and the treatments target different skin problems. You'll start with an evaluation by an esthetician who will examine your skin and learn about what you want to change. The esthetician might recommend one of the following skin treatments

A Facial

A facial is usually a relaxing treatment that can address skin tone, wrinkles, and acne. A facial can give you glowing skin, so a good time to get one is before an important event. There are several types of facials too. You might have enzymes applied to your skin, get a HydraFacial, or get an LED light facial.

If you get facials on a regular basis, you might see a gradual reduction in wrinkles, sagging, and brown spots while seeing an improvement in skin tone and texture. Even if you just get a single facial, you should still see an immediate improvement in your skin that makes your skin look fresh, glowing, and rested.

Microcurrent Treatment

A microcurrent treatment uses a device that delivers mild electric currents to the muscles in your face. By contracting the muscles, your face takes on a glow from improved oxygenation. Your skin also becomes firmer and more lifted. This is an anti-aging skin treatment that is easy to undergo and requires no downtime.

Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Skin resurfacing treatments remove the upper layer of skin to eliminate discoloration, fine wrinkles, and scars. These skin treatments might be done with chemicals, lasers, or microneedling. When the surface skin is removed, fresh skin is revealed. Plus, if the resurfacing is deep enough, collagen is triggered so your skin becomes firmer and younger looking.

Lymphatic Massage

If your face looks puffy and swollen, you might benefit from a lymphatic massage. A facial massage helps move fluid from your face toward your lymph glands where the fluid can be drained away. This might be done by hand or with a gua sha device.

A Gua Sha device is often made from jade or other types of stone. It is moved over your skin to drain lymph and to sculpt your face at the same time. The esthetician might also use cups in the same way. Cups are small suction devices that are moved over your skin to promote circulation and lymph drainage.

Some treatments require special equipment to administer, so you may not find every treatment at every spa. However, there is usually more than one way to achieve the results you want, and an esthetician or dermatologist can help you decide what skin treatment is right for you.


12 December 2022

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