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What are the benefits of microneedling? This popular medical spa procedure can refresh, rejuvenate, and even reduce the signs of aging. If you're not sure whether a microneedling treatment is the best choice for your individual aesthetic needs, take a look at the questions to ask right now.

Is This the Right Treatment For You?

Microneedling isn't the only rejuvenating or anti-aging skin care treatment that medical spas offer. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), other popular minimally invasive cosmetic procedures include botulinum toxin type A injections, soft tissue fillers, and chemical peels. Like microneedling, these treatments can also help to erase fine lines, decrease the appearance of wrinkles, and may reduce some types of scarring.

If you're not sure whether microneedling is the best option, talk to a professional. Schedule a consultation with your dermatologist, cosmetic doctor, or aesthetic medical provider. The cosmetic pro can help you to learn more about the procedure, understand the pros/cons, and choose the best treatment for your individual needs.  

Why Should You Choose Microneedling?

More specifically, what are the benefits that should make microneedling the best option for your needs? As the name implies, this procedure uses micro (or small) needles to puncture the skin's surface. The mini injuries stimulate collagen production at the surface level. This protein helps to rebuild the skin and can reduce some of the effects of aging, smooth the skin, or reduce some types of scars. It can also decrease discoloration and help to even out the skin tone. 

Does Microneedling Require Anesthesia?

No, this procedure won't require the use of general anesthesia or sedation. This benefit makes microneedling a better choice than invasive cosmetic surgical options for some people. Without the use of anesthesia or a sedative, you can drive yourself to and from the procedure. You won't feel tired or groggy after the treatment and you can continue with your normal day (provided you don't have swelling or discomfort). 

Is the Recovery Process A Pro Or Con?

Like other minimally invasive procedures, you could have some post-treatment swelling, redness, irritation, or discomfort. But the recovery process is typically easier than what you would experience after a surgical option (such as a facelift). 

After you recover, repeat microneedling treatments can help you to achieve long-lasting effects. But this doesn't mean you'll need to visit the med spa every week for a follow-up. Unlike traditional spa facials and other similar treatments, microneedling won't require constant upkeep to see semi-permanent results. 

Contact a local medical spa to learn more. 


27 February 2023

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