Facial Skin Tightening Treatments Your Cosmetic Doctor Might Recommend


It's disheartening when you get older and notice the skin on your face getting loose and saggy. You may not want a facelift, and if that's the case, you should visit a med spa or dermatologist and ask about the facial skin tightening treatments they offer.

Treatments might not be as quick to get results as a facelift, but you can avoid surgery. Facial skin tightening treatments are sometimes gentle enough that you don't even need any downtime to recover. Here's a look at why skin gets loose as you age and some facial skin tightening treatments that might help.

Why Loose Skin Develops With Age

One of the main reasons skin gets loose when you're older is that your body slows down its production of elastin and collagen. One of the effects of facial skin tightening treatments is that they stimulate collagen. As your skin makes more collagen, it tightens gradually.

Another reason skin gets loose is that your lifestyle habits catch up with you. If you've spent your life in the sun without sunscreen or if you smoke, those bad habits will show on your facial skin by causing wrinkles, sunspots, and sagging. Some skin tightening treatments resurface your skin as well as tighten it to give you a rejuvenated look.

What Treatments Your Cosmetic Doctor Might Suggest

Radiofrequency treatments also cause your skin to make more collagen due to the deep heat it sends under your skin. At the same time, the energy tightens existing collagen so that you get an immediate effect as well as a gradual effect over time. These treatments tighten your facial skin and help with wrinkles too.

Laser resurfacing can be a more intense treatment that requires a recovery period. It all depends on the type of laser the doctor uses. In addition to encouraging collagen growth, the laser removes the surface of your skin to remove fine wrinkles and sunspots, so it's a good treatment if you have sun damage along with loose skin.

Ultrasound treatments target the deep layers of your skin to stimulate them to produce collagen. The treatments cause your skin to lift and tighten. You can have ultrasound treatments to lift a saggy neck, raise drooping eyebrows, or lift your jowls. The treatments are safe and there is no recovery time needed. However, results can take weeks or months to see as your skin tightens gradually.

Choosing the right facial skin tightening treatment might be a matter of whether you can handle a recovery period or not. Your choice might also depend on other things that affect your skin, such as discoloration or wrinkles. A cosmetic doctor will evaluate your skin and talk to you about the skin tightening options suitable for your skin so that you can choose a treatment you're happy with.  


27 March 2023

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